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About Me

What’s Next Mel is a lifestyle and cultural guide. A guide curated through the lens of a Millennial Woman who shares her experience and the experience of others through health, wellness, lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty, and more.

It Was All A Dream…

About 5 years ago, I was 25 years old living in New York City. I was struggling to find my own path and figure out who I was. I thought I knew who I wanted to be and where I was going but in all honesty, I had no clue. Here I am 5 years later, scrolling through my dropbox for photos, and I found a draft of my first blog post that I wanted to publish when I launched my website. This blog post is not only a reflection of where I was 5 years ago but where I am, today as a woman who entered into a new decade of life.

“Everything I do is for the 17 year old version of myself.” – Virgil Abloh

Here is an excerpt from the “Innocent Rebel” blog post:

“On the outside, you see someone who is a rebel and ready to always take charge and be vocal and loud. Passionate, and grateful for the things she has gone through in life. The path she is on has not been easy but helped her become the person she is today. On the inside, she is emotional, innocent, shy, introverted, and scared to show the world happiness, her true self, and be vulnerable to the world because she is scared to break in front of them.”

A Note From Melanie

I hope that when you visit What’s Next Mel, you find a space that is a one-stop for all your needs regarding lifestyle and wellness. I curated this brand to be a reflection of all the things that I’ve enjoyed, been through, and still learning about. You are able to not only read about different trends, and the latest product, but you can listen to the What’s Next Mel podcast. Our podcast shares knowledge on various topics from different women around the globe. These women share their stories and resources with me to help our community grow and elevate. Lastly, enjoy our shop where I have curated “self-care” boxes from different Women of Color small businesses. What’s Next Mel is about “where are you going next whether that is physically, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally?” You create your own path of happiness and I hope to help along this journey that we call life.


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