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Creatives Learning to Let Go of their Anxiety through Apparel

Indi Flier - Mental Health

Are you an artist, designer, entrepreneur, or empath? This is the perfect post for you to read and learn about letting going of that fear. These past couple of years have impacted us all in different ways. We can all agree that our mental health has been hit the hardest. Especially as creatives, fear, and anxiety creep in and might have led us to have imposter syndrome or not put our work out at all.

F*** Anxiety Pop Up Shop

Jada is the CEO and founder of Indi Group which assists in digital marketing and artist development. In the past 10 years, she has assisted multiple artists with their different projects. She has worked with the late Nipsey Hussle on political reform and voting in the Black community. Her latest project was the F*** Anxiety pop-up shop in Los Angeles. Jada brought artists and designers from the east coast, midwest, and west coast to Melrose Ave for the day. They were able to sell and speak about their brand to the public.

Jada came up with this concept from the stress of the pandemic that creatives endured. She wanted to give creatives the opportunity to be able to say, f*** your fear, and put their brand out there. These designers/brand owners were given the opportunity to set up the Acrostics store on Melrose Avenue. The brands were brought together through their different focus on mental health and design. She gave designers the ability to connect with each other from different areas of the United States.

Brands At the Pop-Up

Avenue88 – This brand has such a positive message behind its designs. They put affirmations and positive words on their clothing and accessories. The brand was named after the founder’s grandparents’ ranch location. After hearing the story and message; I couldn’t leave without purchasing this brown sweatshirt.

avenue88 brown crewneck sweatshirt.
I literally were this sweatshirt, every day.

All My Friends Are… – the owner is in the film industry and created this brand in supporting his friends who are artists and creatives. You can purchase these unisex hoodies, t-shirts, and crewnecks.

all my friends are artists

JoJo + Friends – was created as a lifelong devotion to his mother but as well for the underdogs who deal with the toughest battles on a daily basis. You can shop his women’s and men’s collection of t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, and slides.

jojo heart apparel - black oversized cropped sweatshirt
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