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How to Prepare for Holiday Travel, This Year.

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Are you thinking about traveling during the holidays? You know we are going to make sure that you get the best deals when it comes to airfare, hotel, and more. Most people will be traveling this holiday season as it’s been two years since we had large family gatherings with the pandemic. We have either experienced it or read about the airline industry and all the delays, lost baggage, staffing shortages, and more. Even with the increase in travel fares and inflation, people are still packing their bags and heading on the first flight out.

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Holiday Travel 2017

The crazy thing is that travel experts are recommending that you stay home to avoid the frustrations of holiday travel. As I write this blog post and research the different things that are happening with the airlines and more. People are still taking the chance to see family and friends or escape their reality for a little bit.

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and I read that American Airlines is the top airline for lost luggage. The top airport in the United States with mishandling and lost luggage is Chicago O’Hare International Airport. These issues have spiked due to staff shortages and more. I recommend arriving at the airport early to check in your bag and keep your bag ticket. If your luggage ends up being lost, contact the airline immediately.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Travel

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When looking to book your ticket, I recommend checking out Hopper to help forecast when to buy your airline ticket and went to travel. You can click this link, here as I wrote a blog post all about Hopper and more travel tips to get the lowest fare. If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, a domestic round-trip; the price has increased by about 22% from the year 2019. Christmas travel will increase by about 41% from 2019. So after you read this post, go book your ticket. If you can travel on the actual holiday it is a little cheaper. Be prepared for delays, cancellations, and more from air travel. We saw it in the summer and will definitely see it during the holiday.

In all honesty, travel experts recommend traveling after the holidays. If I were you, I would recommend catching any deals that the airlines have for January or February travel. I booked my ticket for after the holidays which was cheaper especially from the west coast to the east coast. If you are traveling for the holidays, I am sending you safe and positive energy during your travels. Share in the comments about your holiday travels!

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