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How was Miami Swim Week, 2021?

Miami Swim Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion

I had the opportunity to attend Miami Swim Week, this summer. I’ve always heard of swim week while living in Miami and in the fashion industry but never attended. I always wondered what the difference between Miami Swim Week and NYC Fashion Week would be like. Is it as big and grand as NYC Fashion Week? Are people running to different shows and putting on their best outfits? Check out my NYC Fashion Week post to compare. I was able to attend multiple different shows through Art Hearts Fashion. I’ll talk about a couple of shows, I attended along with my opinion of swim Week.

Attending Swim Week

I was excited to attend swim week to see how everyone got dressed for the shows. Is it glamorized as much as NYC Fashion Week? I would say not at all. People got dressed but not with a lot of effort as NYC or Paris fashion week outfits. Shows were held at different venues but no one went from one to another. If you were attending an Art Hearts Fashion-powered swim show then you stayed there. Everyone came to the event early to mingle and have cocktails before the shows started. I am use to coming to a show in the NYC Chelsea area then catching a cab to the Meat Packing District for the next. I would barely have time to say “hi” to friends or network with people in the industry. The pro in Miami is being able to network and connect with other people, especially since Covid.

Matte Collection

When I found out that Matte Collection was on the schedule and that I would be able to attend the show. I was ecstatic because I literally buy Matte swimwear for all my vacations. Matte Collection is black-women-owned. I love their bathing suits; they are affordable but give and look luxurious. Matte Collection did not come to disappointment with their show either; they had multiple celebrities walk the runway and perform. Angela Simmons and Jayda Chevas walked the runway and looked absolutely stunning. Bia performed her hit, “Whole Lotta Money” and Saucy Santana also performed his song, “Walk” while the models walked the runway! I loved the collection and Matte Collection will continue to collect my coins.

MP Motivational Apparel

On Thursday, July 8, 2021, I was able to view swimwear brands that are up and coming. The first brand was MP Motivational Apparel. It is a classic swimwear collection with its logo. I loved the simplicity of the swimwear. Most women purchase basic swimwear to go with different outfits and coverups. I also appreciated the detailed attention to the straps with jewels. It gave it an edge to simplicity. You can purchase the runway collection from their site.

Natalia Fedner

It was great to see Natalia Fedner collection in person. I have heard about Natalia Fedner because of the visual for Black is King with Beyoncé. Beyoncé wore her gold chain hood headpiece in the “Already” section of Black is King. She is a designer that mixes metal and knitwear into her pieces. Multiple celebrities wear her different pieces on boats, music videos, red carpets, and more. I love the versatile for swimwear but can also be worn for evening wear.

Giannina Azar

When the models started to walk out on the runway; I instantly felt that this was the perfect collection for a trip to Dubai, Egypt, or Morocco. This collection was giving me full goddess/empresses energy and I loved that. It is perfect for any woman that loves maxi coverups, two-pieces, and going all out for their vacation. You will be the star of any event in these pieces. Each piece had great detail with frill, beading, and design. If I were you, I would check out their website to see more of their merchandise.

Overall, it was a great first experience. In my personal opinion, I love NYC Fashion Week better than swim week in Miami. It is more dressy and allows you to think of putting different outfits together for the season. You also get the opportunity to view different people outfits on the streets of NYC as they go to shows. It is harder to do that in Miami as everyone drives and not a lot of street photographer takes place.

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