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Is Fenty Skin, The New Skincare Go-To Brand?

Fenty Skin

I am going to be completely honest that I absolutely love Rihanna. She started out with giving us Pon De Replay and more in music to now giving us clothing, lingerie, makeup, and skincare. I fell in love with each product that she has put out to the public. I have given my honest opinion to anyone that has asked me. Rihanna has had products that I was not a fan of but people loved and vice verse. So I decided to write a review on her new brand, Fenty Skin.

The Announcement

Many of us were ecstatic when Rihanna announced that she was coming out with a skincare brand. I read a while ago that she was coming out with a skincare line; so I was excited to find out that it was true. I was truly interested to see what products were going to be introduced to the public. I think the biggest thing that a lot of us were shocked about but happy to hear was that the products were gender-neutral. Both women and men can use FentySkin.

Let’s Breakdown Fenty Skin

The first three products that came out was a cleanser, toner, and a moisturizer. You can purchase the three products in a $75 bundle or separately. These are the three main products of any skincare routine and it also great products to get men into a skincare routine. Fenty Skin products are vegan, clean, gluten-free, and earth-conscious.

  • Total Cleans’r Remove It All Cleanser- This cleanser is a 2 in 1, it is not only a cleanser but a makeup remover. $25
  • Fat Water Pore Refining Toner Serum- It refines the look of pores, reduces dark spots, and evens out skin tone. It is nourishing and hydrating for your skin without stripping your skin. $28
  • Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer/SPF 30 Sunscreen- The moisturizer is hydrating and protects your face from the sun. It also brightens your skin. $35 (refill $30)

My One Week Review

I have been using the products for about a week. I have seen a couple of positive things from each of the products. I do want to note that I have very minimal skin issues. I get the occasional acne breakouts but only during my pre-menstrual time.


I like the pink tone of the cleanser and the creamy silk texture of the product. The product is being advertised as a 2 in 1 cleanser that it cleans your face but also removes makeup. The first day that I tested it out, I was wearing makeup. I did not use any makeup wipe removers before using the cleanser to see if it would truly work. I give Rihanna and Fenty Skin a 5/5 on the cleanser removing my makeup in one face wash. My makeup was completely removed with the cleanser. I was super excited to know that the product actually removed makeup. It was not a lie to get people to buy the product like other brands.

“Fat Water” Toner

The second product to use is the “Fat Water” Toner. It is named this because of its gel texture, since it is a mixture of a toner and serum. When I first tried the product, I did not like the stickiness that it left on my face and that I had to use my hands to rub/pat the product into my face. After using it a couple of more times, I lessened the amount of product that I used and I did not get the sticky feeling on my face. So the key takeaway: “less product, better results.” I personally like the water-based toners and having to use a cotton pad to apply it but that is me. I most likely won’t purchase the toner again. I would only use it as a serum after another skincare brand toner.

SPF Moisturizer

The moisturizer was another product that I fell in love with because of the pink tone, silky and creamy texture. I know a lot of people have an issue with the fragrance that has been added but I love it. I love the smell and the feel after applying the toner. I felt my skin soak up the moisturizer because I have combination skin and is dry after a shower. The best thing about the product is that it has SPF 30 in the product, so it can be used under your makeup and for when you venture outside. Another highlight of the moisturizer is that I see an automatic glow to my face every time after I use the product. I have noticed the difference of my skin looking brighter and healthier.

Overly Hyped or Worthy Purchase?

In my personal opinion, I believe that everyone should buy the 3 product bundle for $75. You can use all the products and see which ones work well with your skin and which don’t. I think Rihanna is definitely on to something with Fenty Skin and I’m excited to see what other skincare products; she will launch in the near future. After a week of using the products, I have seen my skin become brighter and glowing after every use which I love. Especially during the summer, I hardly wear makeup because it is too hot. So this is the best time to treat your skin with some Fenty Skin and show the world your natural beauty!

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