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Read About the Handcrafted Soap by Something More Candles

One of the products in our signature “Self-Care Sunday” Box is a handcrafted bar of soap. What a great way to unwind and enjoy a relaxing night with the calm sky soap from Something More Candle. This soap has the soothing scent of Palo Santos with the sweet aroma of lemongrass and hints of lime to help you unwind and relax. Palo Santos is a positive scent used spiritually to bring in good vibes and positivity. We were able to connect with the founder of the company, LaToya on her business and product.

a multi-colored handmade soap with Palo Santos scent.
Calm Sky Soap

What inspired/motivated you to start your business?

I purchased my home right before the global shutdown in 2020. In my search to repurpose furniture, I quickly went down a rabbit hole of crafts. I became interested in candles and started creating them at home. I did not realize how it would help my anxiety and quickly became my passion. Along the journey of self-exploration, I found my love for soap making and quickly added that to my product line as well.

Who are you and how do you want to be known to the world?

 Who am I? A firm believer in the universe and the law of attraction. I believe in putting out what you want to receive. As a parent and business owner, I strive to do everything with intention and gratitude while carrying these beliefs into my daily life.

Can you tell us more about the soap?

The benefits of using hand-crafted soap bring all the benefits of cleansing and conditioning without the extra chemicals. My full line includes unscented bars like turmeric and detox that promotes healthy skin.

How do we use the product?

When using cold process soap (handcrafted soap) always patch test as all skin is different. It is best to store your bars away from heat and dry after each use to extend the life of the bar. Using a soap saver is a great way to keep your bars dry between uses. The soap has a great lather, allowing you to save on the product and have it for longer.

What has been your struggle being a woman of color in business?

My biggest struggles have been setting boundaries with friends and family. As I establish my business a lot of people close to me still consider it a hobby. I have to be firm in pricing and having people I know order on my website. 

What has been your highlight/accomplishment being a woman of color in business?

I am really proud of making it to the one-year mark, knowing that I bet on myself and it really paid off. In the year I have met great people, traveled, and spoken at a business conference. 

How can the community support you and your business?

If you can please like, share, shop, and tell a friend to tell a friend about my business. I would love to be your favorite candle and soap maker.

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