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Vamos a Explorar Cuba ??

First & foremost find a best friend that will travel with you wherever and whenever. My best friend Anais and I have known each other since we were 14 years old. A goal of ours when we were younger was to travel to different countries together. We have traveled to different countries together and Cuba was another country to scratch off our list. Cuba was such a great experience to explore Havana, enjoy different seafood cuisine, and walk around like a native. 

Modernism & Technology

Two girls taking a picture in a mirror
Anais & I at the Museo de la Revolución, 2019.

Cuban culture is absolutely amazing to experience with your own eyes. The Cuban people were so nice and friendly to Anais & I. I would say that Cuba is still in the 1960s-1970s when it comes to their classic cars, buildings, and technology.

Anais and I had to buy internet cards for two Cuban pesos that gave you a log in and password that connected you to the internet for an hour. We were lucky enough to sit on the stairs outside on the steps of our Airbnb to catch the wifi signal. I would recommend as least buying one for each day that you are there to contact family and friends. It was completely different from how we connect to the internet back in America but we enjoyed acting like a local for an hour. Cubans have to go to local wifi spots such as hotels and parks around their neighborhood and sit or stand around as they connect to the wifi.

Cuban Culture

Cuba does not have all of the modern technology that we have in America. They have blackouts when too many people are using the electricity and have to ration certain items. The people, I met throughout the couple of days were happy in Cuba and enjoyed their way of living. I did not see people wearing the latest designers or flashing around jewelry around their neck and wrist. They were singing and dancing proudly around Havana. They are authentically proud of the Cuban culture and what it had to offer them. 

Girl on stilts in Havana, Cuba
La Habana Vieja, 2019.

It was such a joy and an amazing experience to be able to visit Havana, Cuba. I had a friend tell me that it was one of his best vacations and I cannot agree more. Cubans were so welcoming and had such high spirits. Anais and I enjoyed it so much that we planned to come back to go to the tobacco farms, beaches, and more of the Cuban culture.

Malecón, Cuba
Cuban Art
Vamos a la Cuba.
On Key

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