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We’ve made it to February 2021 and we’re celebrating Black History Month with a series of blog posts of different small Black-Owned businesses that you can shop at. This first blog post will be about where you can purchase Black-owned skincare and haircare products. If you purchase from any of these businesses please make sure you share with your family, friends, and social media to increase traffic toward their site. Also, leave a review on their site or email them your opinion of the products.

You can also visit my first Black-owned business post that offers a variety of small and big Black-owned businesses that I shop from.


Royal Skin

hyperpigmentation, exfoliate, small business, skin care routine, skincare
Bundle package $30

Reine Inc (Royal Skin) – Reine Inc is a brand for royals! Royal skin is dedicated to making their customers feel like royalty inside and out!

Royal Skin is currently made up of two natural handmade skincare products and a mini exfoliating brush. These products are good for all skin types!

Our Foaming Cleanser focuses on creating a clean and refreshing feel while treating acne and hyperpigmentation.

The second product is a Tea Toner that minimizes pores, leaves your skin glowing, and can be used to refresh your skin throughout the day. These products work together to enhance your beautiful Royal Skin.

Prices: Bundle package includes Foam Cleanser, Tea Toner, & mini exfoliating brush for $30. Cleanser & Toner separately are $15 each and the exfoliating brush is $5.

Yas’ Apothecary

skincare, bar soap, handmade soap, feminine, small business, black-owned
Fine & Feminine Lucious Lady (Bar Soap)

Yas’ Apothecary– Every single one of my products is all-natural and handcrafted. So far, I’ve created an inventory of body scrubs, butter, perfume oils, and hair growth oils. I’ve also transformed my own personal designs into screen printed tees and tote bags.

I imagined a future where my set intention while creating these products in addition to the natural healing properties of consciously selected ingredients truly alleviates some degree of internal or external pain. Priced from $7.50 to $45 including individually sold items and bundle packages.

Hair Care

The Butterland

haircare, small business, black-owned
Complete Haircare Bundle

The Butterland is owned by a mom and daughter in the DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) area. Natural hair care products for babies to adults. They have grown from two products to seven products along with hair tool products to use along with the hair products.

The Butterland sells hair growth products, hair masks to a body scrub, and serum for all your hair and skincare needs. You can find items priced from $5-95 with individually sold items to bundle packages.

Si’ Magic Hair

haircare, small business, starter package, black-owned
Starter Package

Si’ Magic Hair brand has created products to help grow long and full hair. It is a 100% natural and sulfate-free hair care products. Products are for kids and adults. You are also able to purchase satin bonnets, hair detangled combs, and brushes with their shampoo and conditioner. Prices start from $3-20 for their items sold individually and bundle package.

In 2021, its all about natural products along with supporting small Black-owned businesses. If you haven’t already purchased from these business, I suggest you do and leave them a review on their websites and social media.

If you have a small Black-owned business please reach out to me and I’ll feature you in the next blog post. You can email me at

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