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A product that we choose to be in our signature “Self-Care Sunday” Box is raw sea moss from HolisticVibesCle. When I moved to Los Angeles, CA. A lot of people were talking about how they use sea moss in their smoothies and more. I tried it in my smoothies for a week straight. I started to see a natural glow in my skin. The benefits of sea moss are gut health, heart health, weight reduction, skin beauty, and more. I was able to connect with the founder of the company, Martha on her business and product.

a jar of raw sea moss from St.Lucia
Raw Sea Moss

What inspired/motivated you to start your business?

I always thought that I wanted to start my own business doing something to help others, but at times I kept having doubts about not being successful so I kept procrastinating. I remember talking to my husband and telling him my ideas about starting a small holistic healing-type business and a few weeks before our tenth anniversary he gifted me the business Holistic Vibes as an anniversary gift. That was all the motivation I needed. After that, it was on and popping. I began researching the benefits of different herbs and uses, sourced other vendors and the rest was history from there. 

Who are you and what do you want your customers to know about you?

I am Martha Jacob and I’m the owner of Holistic Vibes also known as Holistic Vibes Cle. I’m a 33-year-old proud African American female, mother of 3,  two queens, and one king. I’m a loving wife and I’ve been married for 12 wonderful years with many more to come. I always wanted to start a business like this because it allowed me to combine my two passions together, which are health/wellness and helping others. 

Explain to us more about your product?

We have several different products like herbal teas and more but let’s talk a little about our Sea Moss. Our mineral-rich Sea Moss grows on the Caribbean shores of Saint Lucia island. (??) It’s naturally sun-dried and has no artificial flavors or colors. This one here is all natural baby!

The benefits of Sea Moss are as followed. This superfood contains 92 of the 102 found in the body. It helps boost your immune system, a natural appetite suppressant just to name a few. 

 How can Sea Moss be used? Our Sea Moss can be added to almost anything by taking two tablespoons a day in things such as tea, ice cream, soup, pudding, smoothies, or just by eating it straight. You can even use it as a facial mask to help restore your natural beauty. 

What has been your struggle being a women of color business?

Honestly, after being in business going on 3 years now, I can honestly say that as a woman of color I really haven’t had any struggles none at least at this time. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with customers from all different nationalities and genders. I even have customers in “The Land Down Under Australia.” So I can truly say I’ve been getting love and support from all over the world literally.

What has been your highlight/accomplishment being a women of color business?

The number one accomplishment for me is knowing that I have my own business and when I hit the 200 sale mark in my Etsy shop. The biggest highlight of them all was when I got my first sale. That first sale was my proud moment and a true realization that I’m a real business owner. I was so happy, I didn’t know how to act, that sale was my motivation to keep pushing and providing great products and wonderful service to my customers. 

How can the community support you and your business?

The community can support us by spreading the word about us. Some of the products we provide or even just following us on social media would mean a lot. 

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