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Self-Relaxation Sunday Box


Enjoy the relaxation of a beautiful Sunday morning with our “Self-Relaxation Sunday” box. This box was curated to help you have a peaceful and relaxing day with all the at-home spa essentials. Start the day off with steeping herbal tea to bring a warm feeling to your body during this winter season. As you start your day, put on the clay detox mask to give your skin a glowing effect. You can remove the clay mask with our branded facecloth. When you are ready to sit down and read your favorite book, light the scented candle to bring a fresh aroma to your home. Also, enjoy a surprising item to end your night and help with a night of peaceful sleep.

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Product Descriptions:

Herbal Tea

This sample herbal tea was created by Ora Teahouse + Bakery. It is the Ora Signature which contains a blend of sweet honeybush with papaya, safflower, and cornflower. A South African blend that will have you asking for more.

Clay Detox Mask

I love a good clay mask especially when I don’t have time to get a facial. This clay detox mask is from Royal Skin. This mask helps with giving your skin that natural glow effect. It helps draw out the impurities within your skin and/or scalp.

Use the same description from the first box.

Branded Facecloth

We got you covered when it comes to removing your clay mask. Wet your face with warm water and use our soft facecloth to remove any clay mask from your face.