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Spanish Cuisine in Madrid

girl drinking coffee

I decided to take a different approach when it came to writing this travel post. I realized that I have a lot of content to share with you for Madrid. So I broke it down into cuisine, tourist attraction, and more. So let’s start off with the different Spanish cuisine and restaurants that I went to in Madrid, Spain.

Cuisine Highlights

I’m kind of weird when it comes to Spanish food and have to be in the mood for it. Luckily, Madrid made Spanish bearable because of the fresh and authenticity of the cuisine that I ordered when I went out for desayuno (breakfast), almuerza (lunch), and cena (dinner). My experience might be a little different than others but I felt it was a little harder to find little cafes in the center of Spain.

spanish omelette with cafe con leche
Spanish Omelette with Café con Leche

Luckily, I found a cafe that I went to in the morning for breakfast during the first two days of Spain. I had my Café con Leche, every morning with my pan (bread). Something about having coffee in different countries always excites me and keeps me energized throughout the day to explore. I had a Spanish Omelette. Cena was definitely an adjustment for me. In America, we have dinner around 5-6 PM but in Europe; they eat dinner around 8-9 PM due to them having a siesta period during the day which allows them to rest and a snack later in the day.

La Barraca

white fish
Pescado & Vino

On the first night that I was in Madrid; while I was at my Airbnb, I started to google restaurants to eat dinner at. I came across this restaurant called “La Barraca” that was about a 5-10 minute walk from my Airbnb. La Barraca is known for its Paella (Spanish rice in a pan mixed with vegetables and seafood or other meats). I had white fish with potatoes and a glass of Rosé. The food was amazing at La Barraca. I had a sweet Rosé with bread for an appetizer. The fish was flakey, had great flavor from the seasoning and the sauce of the potatoes.


Spaghetti & Garlic Bread

On the second day of Madrid after exploring the city and seeing tourist sites, I was starving. I walked down this street that had multiple different stores as well as restaurants and stumbled upon the restaurant Topolino. It is actually a buffet restaurant but you can also just choose entrees from their menu. I really wanted pasta so I got spaghetti & garlic bread. This was so good that I felt that I was in Italy. Of course, I had a glass of wine with my dinner.


Spanish Cuisine was a highlight for me on this trip because it was a time for me to reflect on the day and enjoy savory food. I love eating in Europe because everything is so fresh and flavorful. These restaurants were the only places that I ate at but they were my favorite. What’s Next Mel will be back with my tourist sites in Madrid. For now, check out my post on Barcelona, while you wait.

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