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The Curated “Self-Care Sunday” Box is Here

"Self-Care Sunday" curated gift box

I have always wanted to create something that would go alongside the blog. As this blog showcases my lifestyle, wellness, and trends that inspire me. I did not want to just sell any random merchandise that did not have any meaning behind it. When I think back to starting this blog, I always wanted to build a community for women. What better way to build a community than by sharing other women’s small business owners’ products in a curated box?

The signature “Self-Care Sunday” box was influenced by my own lifestyle and routine. As someone who works a 9-5, runs a business, exercise, and have a social life. It can be hard to find time to just take a moment for yourself. At times, I forget to take in the simple things because my mind has 100 tabs open, my anxiety is high, and I don’t want to be running late. I realized that when I do take the time to recenter and enjoy time with myself these are the main products that assist me with that.

What’s in the curated box?

In the box, you will find a five-minute journal that will help you show gratitude for what happened that day, release any emotions and more. Journaling is a huge help when wanting to express yourself and have no one to confide in. Being able to put your emotions on paper and come back to the entry days, weeks, or months later after healing is a powerful experience.

You have the candle to help bring a new aroma into your home. Different scents can help ease your mood and bring whole new energy to your home. No better way to unwind than lighting a candle after a long day or after cleaning your house. Take it a step further and have the candle in your bathroom as you use the soap that’s in the box to take a shower or bath. This soap was chosen because of the Palo Santos scent in the candle to help with positive energy and vibrations.

candle, soap,sea moss, and journal
“Self-Care Sunday” Box

Lastly, we have the jar of raw sea moss. I’ve heard people using and making sea moss gel. I didn’t realize the benefits of the sea moss until I actually started putting it into my own smoothies. I noticed my skin glowing throughout the summer. It also helps as an anti-inflammatory, thyroid function, and more.

This “Self-Care Sunday” box was curated through countless hours of research to find the perfect vendor for each product. To ensure that all products are able to intertwine with one another. You should be able to use all products with each other as you take a couple of minutes or a couple of hours to yourself. I hope that you enjoy this box as much as I do.

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