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Van Gogh to the Netherlands.

Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Summer 2017, I made the decision to visit Europe to see my best friend Nicholas and have my first adventure in the Netherlands. It was an easy decision to make after having a very dreadful year. I need to end the year outside of New York and begin the year 2018 in a new setting. I am a strong believer in the way you start off the new year is how the rest of the year will play out for you.

Two days after Christmas 2017, I took off to the Netherlands for the next two weeks to wrap my mind on leaving my job after three years and starting a new job when I came back from my vacation. I was in a new mindset and I was ready for the adventure that waited for me overseas.

Girl standing in front of painting at a museum in the Netherlands
“To Tavel Is To Live.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Vincent Van Gogh Museum

The Netherlands has so much to offer through its food, culture, and museums. I was able to visit the Vincent Van Gogh museum. That was an adventure in itself; my friend and I waited in line for two hours in the cold and rainy weather to enter the museum. The museum displayed Van Gogh and other famous artist paintings throughout their four floors. It includes a cute little cafe and shops on the first floor. Itwas greatly appreciated as my friend and I got hot drinks to warm up from outside.

I would recommend this museum for anyone who is into art and creative thinkers and artist. Someone like myself who categorizes herself as a creative thinker found it very stimulating. It gave me ideas for different creative projects. Purchase Vincent Van Gogh Museum tickets.

Vincent Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands
Vincent Van Gogh Museum; Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dutch Culture

Van Gogh Museum was a top highlight on my trip to Amsterdams. Throughout the rest of my vacation, I was able to experience learning the basic words in Dutch. I trieddifferent restaurants with their numerous entrees and desserts.

I appreciated my time in the Netherlands and it was a great first trip to Europe. It allowed me to experience the European culture firsthand. I gain my own fascination with the European people and culture. I started to plan my next trip to the other different countries that I had yet to discover in Europe.

Below, I posted pictures from this restaurant called Brasserie De Baron that a friend took me to. It was located in Uden, Netherlands. The ambiance and aesthetic reminded me of New York. My entree was a Salmon with mustard sauce with a glass of Merlot. For dessert, my friend and I got hot chocolate with Oreos crumbled on top of the whip cream along with a Dutch cookie and ice cream.

Dutch Entree
Entree: Salmon
Dutch Dessert: Cookie & Ice Cream
Dutch Dessert

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