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Did Book Clubs Make a Comeback?

book club

I don’t know about anyone else but I feel that 2023 was the year of book clubs coming back. I saw so many people on social media talk about starting or joining a book club. My job had a book club that I ended up joining. Honestly, at the end of 2022, I saw so many people show how many books they read and I was ashamed that I only read 1 book that year.

People were talking about how they read one book per month or I remember seeing someone say they read 60 books and I was like 😳🤯. So one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2023 was to read more than 1 book. I was lucky enough to read 5 books with my crazy schedule. For 2024, I’m pushing myself to read 6 books! 🤞🏾

Self-Help Books

I read three different self-help books. One was to help me with my blog and social media presence. It ended up giving me tips not only for my internet audience but also helped with my current full-time job. The second book that I read helped me when I isolated myself in 2023. I learned how to not get mad about the small stuff and focus on your peace. The third book was a mixture of self-help, birding, and meditation all in one. Once you understand the theme of the book, you start taking out your highlighter for those last paragraph gems.

How to Win Friends & Influence People

This book was written by Dale Carnegie in the 1930s and has been updated throughout the years. I saw different people talking about this book, so I decided to read it myself. One thing I liked was how he used real-life examples to explain his principles. I think that helped me correlate to those principles and how I can use them in my own life. It’s a book that I’m going back to and highlighting some things, I don’t want to forget. I think if you are in customer service, social media, or any job that deals with interacting with a consumer or business-to-business; you should read this book. At the end of the book, though I did have the question “Are people very easily influenced and are we able to manipulate the outcomes that we want so easily?”

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff & it’s all Small Stuff

This book right here, let me tell you! It was a book that I needed to read in 2023. I was going through a period of challenges and self-isolation. As I focused on myself, I wanted to learn how to easily get upset by literally “small stuff.” Your girl can go from 0 to 100 real quick! The main thing I got from the book was to live in the moment and not allow the hardships of life to take you out. We all are going through some challenging times and we got to ride the wave. Continue to stay focused on peace, love, kindness, and service. When you learn to focus on the “peace in the middle of the chaos,” you can get through anything. This book was written by Richard Carlson.

The Birds That Saved Me

The Birds That Saved Me

I found this book while I was scrolling through Instagram. The caption about this book caught my attention about it being a self-help, memoir, and intro to birding. It’s also a newly published book that occurred during the pandemic. As I started the book, I was like am I going to be captivated by the bird reference or am I going be annoyed since I have no idea about birding? I was intrigued and enjoyed getting to the last paragraph of each chapter as it left gems to think about. My only issue with the book is that J P Steed always referenced “hard things” for situations he was going through. I wish that he would’ve elaborated on those “hard things.” I think so many people could relate or maybe learn about what people are going through. It was an easy read, this was the book that I ended the year with.

Memoir Book

Crying at H-Mart

This was the first book that was chosen for the book club that I am in. I wasn’t sure if I would like the book cause I don’t do well with anything that does well with tragedy or doesn’t have the best ending. Personally, for me, the book didn’t take off until her mother got sick and passed away. I don’t want to give too much away but that’s where I feel Michelle Zauener found herself and that’s why I enjoyed the middle & ending of this book. I think it’s also a great book for anyone whose had to deal with being mixed-race and trying to find yourself in both ethnicities. I do wish she would’ve put recipes in the book. You’ll see why I said that when you read the book. It was a great book and I’m glad that I read it. I’ve heard that the book is going to become a movie.

Fiction Book

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Chilllllllldddd, this book had me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. The background that I heard of this book was that it dealt with video games. I’m not a video game girl so I thought I was not going to like it especially when I saw it was over 400 pages. This book had me laughing, upset, sad, and complex. It is about two friends who create a video game and another friend joins them on the journey as a business partner. It spans over 30 years and flows so well. These three go through so many different life experiences together. I truly don’t want to spoil the book, so I’m going to keep it very surface-level. Gabrielle Zevin had me not wanting to book down after a major turning point in the book. I highly recommend that you read this book if you haven’t already.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

If you plan on reading more, I would highly recommend that you join a book club. It keeps you accountable and it is great to share your thoughts with others. You also get different points of view and can learn from one another. I’ll catch you here again for my next book review.

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