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Go-To places in Miami, while were in a Pandemic.

girl drinking tea

I was born and raised in Miami, so during the pandemic, I came home to be near my family for a little bit. While being home I was able to connect with my friends from college and high school. Even though we are still in a pandemic; I have been able to follow CDC guidelines while exploring Miami.

Miami Restaurants

Red Rooster Overtown

I stumbled upon Red Rooster Overtown after visiting the Little Trap House in Overtown (Miami) which I’ll talk about more down below. It was brought to my attention that there is a Red Rooster in Harlem, NY. Which I will be checking out when I get back to New York. The Overtown restaurant opened the first week of December. It was supposed to open in Spring 2020 but it got push back because of COVID. The food was exceptional, I had the Conch fritters with a glass of Merlot. The ambiance of the restaurant gave a European feel with dim lights and cozy furniture. The managers and staff were friendly and warm. They made sure my friends and I had a great experience.

Casa Florida

pink casa Florida
Casa Florida

So, I heard about Casa Florida from Tik Tok. I was scrolling through videos and I saw someone post a video about Casa Florida and how it was an outside restaurant and their signature drink, Sweet Water. A drink that is a sparkling rose, grapefruit hibiscus lemonade. What really captured me was the pink aesthetic and how large of an outside space they have. It’s a great place for the girls to catch up and even a cute weekend brunch for a date with your significant other.

Little Hen

girl drinking tea
Tea Time

Another great brunch spot to catch up with friends and get dressed up is Little Hen in Midtown Miami or in Weston. They have a strict smart chic attire when dining at their restaurant. When you sit inside, you feel that your sitting in a cute Paris cafe or restaurant. I felt as if I was getting ready to have tea with the Queen of England. I had their mint tea which was amazing that they bring in the cutest teapot and teacups. The food was delicious, I had their french toast. I loved being able to get dress up and have to put on heels since the pandemic started. Also, visit my other blog post on more Miami brunch spots.

Tourist Attractions

Little Trap House

Have you been to the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta? Whether you have or have not visited the museum in Atlanta. In Miami, they have an extension of the Museum that travels to different cities and showcase that city’s trap music artists. They set up their first Little Trap House in the Overtown area of Miami.

Little Trap House Miami
Living Room Bando

It was a great way to showcase trap music artists such as Gucci Mane and City Girls while still paying tribute to other trap artists such as T.I., Jeezy, and more. It’s about 200sqft or less and you are placed in a Trap house living room and kitchen with all the things that would be in a Trap house such as money, illegal drugs, firearms, and more (All props by the way). You can purchase tickets for $20. They are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and after you visit the Trap house, walk over to Red Rooster Overtown next door for lunch/dinner.

Little Trap House in Miami
Little Trap House Museum (Overtown)


If you heard about Miami then you’ve heard about Wynwood and all the graphic art that is displayed on buildings, sidewalks, and empty parking lots. It is one of the main places that people go to take pictures for lifestyle and social media because of the variety of colors, and graphics. I go there a lot with friends to take pictures but also to try different restaurants that open up in that area. You can find any type of restaurant from brunch, lunch/dinner, and dessert places in Wynwood.

Wynwood Walls
Wynwood Vibes

Even though I no longer live in Miami, it will always be home. I feel every time that I do come and visit; I always discover a new restaurant or attraction. If you are able to visit for the weekend to escape the winter, I highly suggest coming down and enjoying what Miami has to offer.

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