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Escape to Atlanta


Before 2020 started, I decided to do more domestic traveling. I have only been to a couple of states that were either board around New York and Florida. Even then, I didn’t realize the different attractions that each state had to offer.

We have been told that you have to travel outside the United States of America to see and enjoy different cultures. We tend to forget there are multiple cultures and experiences right here in our backyard. My first stop on this domestic travel itinerary was Atlanta, Georgia.

Here’s for the Foodies

  • Bread & Butterfly
  • Location: Inman Park Area of Atlanta
  • European Cafe & Bistro
  • $$
  • Instagram
  • I had the Chef Special: Clams in a soup w/ French Baguette
  • Lyla Lila
  • Location: Midtown Atlanta
  • Italian Cuisine
  • $$$
  • Instagram
  • I had the Burrata caramelle ravioli, asparagus, Thai basil (crab ravioli)
French Cuisine in Atlanta
Clam Soup w/ French Baguette (Bread &Butterfly)

My highlight of the whole trip to Atlanta was the food and the prices. I was taken back by the prices of our meals at the restaurant compared to New York. The meal pictured above with an expresso was $25 with gratuity. If I could recommend anything is that most of the yelp & google reviews of restaurants that have 4 plus stars are worth it! Heres the other places that I ate at while in Atlanta: Sun in My Belly (Brunch Spot) & Crawfish Shack Seafood. These were other great restaurant choices that will not hurt your pocket.

Atlanta Attractions

Cascade in Atlanta

Of course, the first night in Atlanta, I went to the famous Cascade Roller Skate Rink. As you can tell from the picture that it was raining and to my surprise the parking lot was full and many people were inside on a Wednesday night. I am pretty sure most of you have seen the movie ATL with T.I. and Lauren London. So you know how much of a staple, Cascade is to Atlanta. If you saw the movie then you know that people in Atlanta take skating at Cascades super serious. Everyone there was professional skaters from individuals, couples, and groups of friends. The vibe in there is so relaxed and fun; people just were enjoying the music and skating. Wednesday night was adult’s night and I only paid $12 which includes $8 admissions and $4 skate rentals.

Atlanta’s High Museum

Off-White (High Museum- Atlanta)
Off–White Dress for Beyonce to wear on the cover of Vogue.

I went to Atlanta to visit the High Museum. I wanted to visit the Virgil Abloh: “Figures of Speech” exhibit. Virgil is the designer and creator of Off–White brand. He is also Louis Vuitton Men’s Artistic Director. Virgil started as a member of Kanye West’s creative team. He helped design Kanye West Yeezus album cover and Watch The Throne album cover with Jay-Z. This exhibit showcased his work from when he started in architecture and then building his first fashion brand Pyrex. It went into his creative work with Kanye, starting Off–White, and now Louis Vuitton. I loved being able to see all the work that he has created. My friend and I also had time to explore the other exhibits at the museum. I would recommend the “High Museum” as a nice girls day, date for a couple, and something fun to do with the family.

Atlanta’s Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden
Atlanta’s Botanical Garden (Alice in Wonderland)

I went to the Botanical Garden in Madrid, Spain. I wanted to see what the botanical gardens were like in the United States. The Atlanta Botanical Garden did not disappoint with their greenery, orchids exhibit, and the Alice in Wonderland garden (pictured above). They had a gorgeous tulip field with various colors that were waiting to bloom. If you are into plants, gardening, or have a green thumb this is the place to go in Atlanta. If your looking for something peaceful and relaxing to do with a friend or significant other, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is an attraction to visit. They also had a restaurant inside the Botanical Garden that offered a great selection of entrees and desserts. Admissions to get into the Botanical Garden were around $25 and you can literally spend all day there.


Atlanta had its perks and downsides like every other city in the United States. The biggest downside in Atlanta is its traffic. I thought New York rush hour and traffic was bad but I believe Atlanta’s bumper to bumper traffic was insane to me. I personally have not been to Los Angeles, California and have heard their traffic is insane. Atlanta was a little too quiet for me and had “curfew hours” for restaurants and bars. A lot of their bars and closed between midnight and two in the morning.

The perks of Atlanta are that it is cheaper than New York, so that was a huge highlight. The quietness of Atlanta can lead to it become a place to escape from the noise of New York. If you have never been to ATL; I recommend visiting for a weekend for the food and different attractions.

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  1. Great read! I definitely love Atlanta. There is so much to do. I see you hit up Midtown. Definitely the spot for food. Yes the traffic in both Atlanta and LA is insane! Thanks for the amazing tips!

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