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NYC Fashion Week

A Girl in East Village, NYC

Every September, the beginning of fashion month starts with New York fashion week. The favorite time of year for fashion lovers to see their favorite brands and designers Spring/Summer collection. It is a time when all that hard work comes together on the runway. Everyone is taking pictures of their favorite looks and posting them on their social media. I had the chance to go to a couple of shows this NYC Fashion Week and view some designers’ S/S 2020 collections.

My NYC Fashion Week

A Girl with Janet Jackson Tee
Fashion Week Look

Before I write about the shows that I saw this year. I wanted to talk a little bit about my experience with NYC Fashion Week. When I first moved to New York in August 2014 to pursue a career in fashion. I only saw what NYC Fashion Week look liked from a Gossip Girl episode or online/social media.

In my second week of living in New York, I was interning for a PR agency and helping out with my first NYC Fashion Week. I learned the ins and outs of the preparation towards putting on a runway show. Throughout the five years of living in New York, I have interned, assisted, and volunteered. I have worked with different designers: Pyer Moss, Creatures of the Wind, Vashtie x Puma, and more. I have been super fortunate to learn from these designers and experience the backstage process and seeing the actual show come together. Now on to the shows that I went to this year.


Ex- Mermaid S/S 2020 Fashion Week
Ex- Mermaid Spring/Summer 2020

The first show that I went to was The Secret Society of Ex-Mermaid by Francki Michels. I was fortunate enough to sit front row at this show. This was Francki 6th collection called “Mother”. The inspiration was from her own life of motherhood. The picture on the left is a piece that I see every working mother wearing when they are on their way out to brunch with the other moms. It was a great collection with numerous pastels and details from headpieces and kid drawings on one of the dresses.

House of Sadia

House of Sadia S/S 2020 Fashion Week
House of Sadia Spring/Summer 2020

On the second day of fashion week, I was able to go to the Designers’ Collective show. I was able to see multiple designers display their S/S 2020 collection, but a brand that stood out to me was House of Sadia. From when I sat down they had a cute mini bag with their card and a little crystal pendant & Box Water on the chair as gift favors. I loved the mixture of feminine prints (floral, lace, pastel) with an edgy look.

Jeanette Limas

Jeanette Limas S/S 2020 Fashion Week
Jeanette Limas Spring/Summer 2020

The last show that I was able to see on the last day of NYC Fashion Week was Jeanette Limas. Her S/S 2020 collection had me leaving with a different outlook on modern and utilization of our environment and things around us. A lot of her collection had pieces were she combined metal with different textures of fabric. It was great that she was able to use metal in her collection and structure it in a way of modernization for the generations today to still be able to see her collection as innovative and creative.

NYC Fashion Week to me this year was definitely written in my books. I was able to enjoy it from an audience perspective. I got to introduce myself as a blogger and make connections with other bloggers and influencers which was another amazing aspect of fashion bringing people together. See you for Fall/Winter NYC Fashion Week in February 2020!

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