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Self-Relaxation Sunday Box

Enjoy the relaxation of a beautiful Sunday morning with our “Self-Relaxation Sunday” box. This box was curated to help you have a peaceful and relaxing day with all the at-home spa essentials. Start the day off with steeping herbal tea to bring a warm feeling to your body during this winter season. As you start your day, put on the clay detox mask to give your skin a glowing effect. You can remove the clay mask with our branded facecloth. When you are ready to sit down and read your favorite book, light the scented candle to bring a fresh aroma to your home. Also, enjoy a surprising item to end your night and help with a night of peaceful sleep.

The Original

Self-Care Sunday Box

Our signature “Self-Care Sunday” box has all the things to have a perfect self-care day. If you need to unwind after a long day use the Calm Sky handmade soap. Before you go to sleep or when you wake up spend 5 minutes writing in the 5-minute gratitude journal. We have the perfect candle to help you relax and have your home smell amazing. Lastly, enjoy the benefits of raw sea moss from St.Lucia that can be turned into sea moss gel. This box is the perfect gift for yourself or friends and family. 

Artisanal Candle

The candles were created by Planet Sis. These handmade, cruelty-free, and free from artificial, paraben, sulfate and more. One of these four candles will be placed in your curate gift box: butta me up, charm school, dera, and brucey. These candles each have unique ranges of scent from coffee, warm vanilla, and more. Once you finish cleaning your home, light this candle as added bonus to job well done. Light this candle when you are taking a bubble bath after a relaxing Sunday.

Hand Crafted Soap

Calm Sky Soap was created by Something More Candle Company. It is a handmade soap that has the scent of Palo Santos and hints of lemongrass and lime. This is the perfect bar of soap to use when your ready to unwind after a long day. You want to wash off the outside energy off your body as Palo Santos is used for positive vibrations and good energy.

Sea Moss

Have you been wanting to try sea moss? We got you covered with handpicked raw sea moss from St.Lucia. We found Holisticvibes Cle. that sells raw sea moss which allows you to either turn it into sea moss gel. You can also you raw sea moss in smoothies, food, tea, and more. Sea moss has multiple health benefits from giving you that perfect skin glow, help with thyroid function, natural ant-inflammatory, and more.

a spiral notebook boud journal

5 Minute Journal

Need to release some thoughts down on paper? Use the 5 minute journal that was designed by SewSoDef. It’s the perfect way to start or end your day with releasing all your emotions instead of keep them bottled up inside. This journal allows you to reflect on emotions, inspirations, and gratitude.